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Reiner Haseloff: Why the Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt posted an »Ä«

Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff received more than 14,700 hearts for a tweet on Thursday. Otherwise he usually only gets a few dozen likes for his posts. The content of the CDU politician’s message, however, was very cryptic, because it contained nothing more than a single letter, an Ä.

There was speculation on the social network Twitter as to what Haseloff might have meant by the letter. The CDU’s new corona strategy? An analysis of the political situation? Or just efficient communication? Many felt reminded of the memorable “covfefe” tweet from former US President Donald Trump.

Haseloff’s ear posted the

“What a randomly sent individual letter generates interesting reactions,” Haseloff wrote on Twitter. Now he explained how the mishap came about.

Accordingly, Haseloff was writing a tweet when his phone rang. At the other end was SPD politician Petra Grimm-Benne, Minister of Social Affairs in Saxony-Anhalt. During the call, Haseloff left Twitter open, accidentally typed the letter with his ear and sent it off. Initially, the »Bild« reported on it.

Even if the had no meaning, Haseloff did not delete the tweet – and received praise from Twitter users for it again. Haseloff stands by what he writes.

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