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Corona warning app should have a check-in system after Easter

The GitHub developer platform is already suggesting: The federal government’s official corona warning app will soon have a check-in system that could make it easier to track contacts at events or, for example, in the restaurant business – provided that the infection is allowed corresponding easing at all.

Similar to the UK, the system should work on the basis of QR codes that organizers generate and hang up with the Corona Warning App (CWA). Visitors in turn scan this code with their CWA. The check-in is only saved locally on the respective smartphone, as described here.

If someone later tests positive for the coronavirus, he or she can transfer the result together with his or her check-ins to the server of the Robert Koch Institute. Other visitors to the relevant events are then warned by their app if, according to the underlying model, there was an increased risk of infection – as the CWA is already doing in everyday life.

On Thursday, a SAP spokesman replied to a SPIEGEL inquiry about when the update was planned: “The CWA version with the event registration feature should be available shortly after Easter.” SAP is developing the app together with Deutsche Telekom.

Personal data is not collected when checking in with the CWA, it says. This distinguishes the approach from that of the recently much discussed Luca app. This requires registration when setting up and should be linked directly to the health authorities. The offices would get the names and mobile phone numbers of the participants in an event if someone tested positive, notifies the office of the events they have attended and if the organizer also releases the check-in data for the event. In restaurants, for example, Luca can replace or accelerate the handwritten completion and subsequent submission of contact data forms.

While the CWA code is visible to everyone, Luca is currently a proprietary application. But that should change at the end of March.

Most recently, Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU) called for a quick decision on the use of such apps. It had been agreed with the federal states that they should agree on a system if possible. “We would be very happy if the federal states had as uniform a solution as possible that we can quickly connect to the health authorities – so no interface clutter,” said Braun. Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have already announced that they want to use the Luca app or are already using it.

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