Boost Your Income this Summer with These Top 15 Side Hustles


Looking to make some extra cash this summer? Whether you’re a college student on break or simply looking to supplement your income, there are plenty of great summer side hustles available.

We’ve gathered 15 top options that offer flexibility and the potential to earn serious money. So, let’s dive in and explore these opportunities.

Sell Printables:

Why not capitalize on the popularity of printables? These digital products, such as planners, organizers, and checklists, can be downloaded and printed at home or used digitally. Summer offers great opportunities for seasonal printables like 4th of July designs, summer activity planners, and vacation checklists.

You can even start preparing fall-themed printables like school year calendars, Halloween printables, and Thanksgiving printables. Creating printables is easier than you might think, and platforms like Etsy make it easy to sell them. If you’re new to this, consider taking the E-Printables course from Gold City Ventures to learn the ropes.

Mulching and Weeding:

If you’re not afraid of hard work, mulching and weeding can be profitable ventures. Many homeowners need to have their mulch refreshed annually, and since it’s not a task people typically enjoy doing, there’s a demand for help. You can also offer your services to local businesses in need of mulching assistance.

Additionally, weed removal is in high demand during the summer, making it another opportunity to earn extra cash. With basic tools and weed killers, you can tackle this task and get paid for your efforts.


If you have a green thumb, gardening services can be a rewarding option. You can offer a range of gardening services, from planting flower beds to maintaining vegetable gardens or fruit trees.

In addition to providing services, you can even start your own garden and sell the produce you grow. Advertise your services locally by posting flyers in grocery stores, libraries, and other public places. Utilize classified websites like Craigslist or spread the word through your network to attract customers.

Pressure Washing:

Summer is the perfect time to offer pressure washing services. Pressure washers can be used to clean decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, siding, and more. While you’ll need a pressure washer, you can find affordable options within your budget, including used ones.

Many homeowners require regular pressure washing, but not everyone owns the equipment or wants to handle the task themselves. That’s where you come in! The potential for income is high, although be prepared to get wet and dirty depending on the job.

Driveway Sealing:

If you’re looking for a well-paying gig, driveway sealing is a lucrative option. It may not be the most glamorous job, but it’s easier than you think. You’ll need basic tools and can learn the process by watching instructional videos online. It’s ideal to gain some experience on your own driveway or partner with a friend who has experience. Homeowners often prefer to hire someone for this job, as they assume it’s not something they can handle themselves.

Since driveways typically need to be sealed every few years, there’s a steady stream of potential customers. Going door to door in residential areas or leaving flyers with your contact information is an effective way to find customers. Offering neighborhood discounts can help you secure multiple jobs in the same area.

Lawn Mowing and Landscaping:

When it comes to summer side hustles, lawn care is a classic choice. Mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and light landscaping can be a great way to earn extra money. All you need are some basic tools like a mower, and if you have a riding mower, even better. Start by targeting smaller yards that you can handle with a push mower.

Advertising your services is easy too – post flyers in your neighborhood, use popular classifieds websites like Craigslist, and rely on word of mouth to spread the word about your skills.

Work at a Theme Park or Amusement Park:

Summer is the peak season for theme parks and amusement parks, which means plenty of seasonal job opportunities. Whether you’re interested in operating rides, selling tickets, providing security, or working in food service, there are various roles available. While dealing with crowds and hot weather may be challenging, working at a theme park or amusement park during summer can be a rewarding way to earn extra money.

Car Detailing:

Car detailing is a profitable summer side hustle that offers flexibility. You can either do the work at your own place or provide mobile services, going to customers’ homes instead. Keep in mind that you can typically charge higher rates for mobile services.

Finding customers is relatively easy – post flyers around your neighborhood, advertise online, and reach out to local car dealerships and garages for potential partnerships. No special qualifications are required for this side hustle; just a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Plus, you’ll get to work outside and enjoy the fresh air.


Summer is the busiest time for moving, creating high demand for movers. You can find employment with moving companies or team up with a few friends to start your own moving business. Keep in mind that moving is physically demanding work, so being in good shape is essential. The peak season for movers typically spans from May to August, making it an excellent opportunity to earn extra money during the summer.

Swimming Instructor:

If you’re a skilled swimmer and have the necessary qualifications, working as a swimming instructor can be a rewarding way to earn extra income. Many parents are eager to enroll their children in swimming classes during the summer. Look for opportunities at public pools, local YMCAs or YWCAs, or consider finding clients on your own.

This side hustle may require specialized training and access to a pool for conducting lessons safely. Patience and empathy are essential as teaching someone to swim takes time. If you enjoy working with people and have teaching experience, this could be an ideal summer job for you.

Tour Guide:

If you have in-depth knowledge about your city or area, why not become a tour guide? Tourists are always seeking new and exciting experiences, and you can capitalize on that demand. You can work as a tour guide for an established company in the industry or start your own small business offering private tours. Summer, being a popular time for sightseeing, creates a perfect opportunity to showcase your expertise and make extra money. It’s a fun way to earn income, especially if you enjoy meeting new people.

Pool Cleaning:

Pool cleaning requires specialized training, but it can be a rewarding summer side hustle. This job involves maintaining pools and spas for customers. You’ll need the necessary tools and knowledge to perform the job safely and effectively, but the learning curve is manageable. Pool cleaning is in high demand during the summer, as homeowners may need maintenance while they’re on vacation or require regular upkeep. Tap into this market and offer your services to pool owners in your area.


If you have a valid lifeguard certification, becoming a lifeguard is a fantastic summer job. Lifeguards are in high demand during the summer months, and you can find positions at public pools, water parks, or even beaches in beach towns. This job pays well and offers flexible hours, allowing you to enjoy the sun while earning money. However, keep in mind that specialized training and certification are required for this role.

Rent Out Your Truck:

If you own a pickup truck or cargo van, renting it out can be a lucrative side hustle. Many people need trucks for moving furniture, appliances, or other large items. Platforms like Fetch allow you to earn passive income by listing your truck on their platform. According to Fetch, you can make up to $1,800 per month. They handle all the payments and market your rental to people in your local area. With summer being a busy time for moving and outdoor projects, renting out your truck can be a great way to capitalize on the demand.

Camp Staff:

If you enjoy working with kids and are looking for a summer job, consider working at a camp. Many summer camps need counselors or nurses to provide care and supervision. This gig allows you to spend your days outdoors, earn extra cash, and contribute to the growth and development of young individuals. Depending on the camp’s requirements, you may need specific qualifications or certifications, but most camps offer training courses to help you meet these requirements.

Rent Out Your Home:

If you’ll be traveling during the summer, have you considered renting out your home while you’re away? Short-term rentals can be a lucrative option, especially if you live in an area that attracts a lot of summer visitors and tourists. Renting out your place can generate a significant amount of income. Even if you’re not planning to be away for the entire summer, you could consider staying with friends or family for a few weeks and rent out your place during that time.

RV and Camper Rentals:

If you own an RV or camper and there are weeks during the summer when you don’t use it, why not rent it out and earn extra money? RV and camper rentals are in high demand during the summer months, as many people don’t own one or prefer to rent. This side hustle offers excellent earning potential, and best of all, it mostly generates passive income.

You’ll need to clean the RV or camper between rentals, but that’s the bulk of your work. Platforms like RVshare make it easy to list your RV or camper, set your own rates, and decide when to rent it out.


In conclusion, there are numerous summer side hustles available for those looking to make extra money. From selling printables online and offering gardening services to working at theme parks or becoming a swimming instructor, there are options to suit various interests and skill sets. Other opportunities include car detailing, driveway sealing, lawn mowing and landscaping, pressure washing, and even renting out your home or vehicle. The key is to find a side hustle that aligns with your abilities and offers the flexibility and earning potential you desire.


Q: How can I get started selling printables online? Are there any specific platforms or resources to help me get started?

Ans: To start selling printables online, you can begin by creating your products and listing them on platforms like Etsy or Gumroad. Resources like online tutorials or courses can provide guidance on creating and marketing your printables effectively.

Q: What qualifications or certifications are required to become a swimming instructor or lifeguard? Where can I find training programs?

Ans: Qualifications and certifications for becoming a swimming instructor or lifeguard may vary, but typically require lifeguard certification training that covers water rescue, CPR, and first aid. You can find training programs through organizations like the American Red Cross or local YMCA/YWCA branches.

Q: How can I effectively advertise my services for summer side hustles like lawn mowing, car detailing, or pool cleaning? Are there any tips or strategies to attract customers locally?

Ans: Effective advertising for summer side hustles like lawn mowing, car detailing, or pool cleaning can be done through methods such as distributing flyers in your local area, using online classifieds or social media platforms, and offering special promotions or discounts to attract customers. Word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients can also help generate more business.

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