15 Way to Unlock Free Nike Gift Cards


If you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or sports fanatic, you’re well aware of the premium price tags on top-notch athletic gear from iconic brands like Nike. But what if you could snag a free Nike gift card and upgrade your sports gear collection without breaking the bank? Whether you’re eyeing a fresh pair of Nike sneakers, workout attire, or team apparel, you’re in for a treat as we unveil savvy methods to score those coveted free Nike gift cards and gift card codes.

Your Ticket to Free Nike Gift Cards and Codes

Imagine having a wallet-friendly pass to shop at Nike stores, factory outlets, or online at Nike.com. The methods we’re about to explore will grant you access to digital gift card codes that can unlock savings just like physical gift cards.

To fuel your shopping spree aspirations, let’s dive into the exciting ways you can lay your hands on those free Nike gift cards and codes. While we’ll delve into each option, here’s a sneak peek of the top contenders:

MyPoints: Your Ticket to Reward Riches

MyPoints enters the arena as a close counterpart to Swagbucks, offering a plethora of ways to fatten your wallet with free gift cards.

While MyPoints puts the spotlight on its cashback program for shopping at thousands of online retailers, it’s more than a one-trick pony. Engaging in surveys, gaming fun, and embracing special offers all contribute to your point stash.

Admittedly, MyPoints’ points-to-dollars conversion might leave you scratching your head. Unlike Swagbucks’ straightforward 100:1 ratio, deciphering the value of your points demands a tad more effort. For instance, a $25 Nike gift card requires 3,970 points – a bit of calculation is in order.

Despite the conversion puzzle, MyPoints remains a stellar choice for reaping rewards. With a selection of over 75 gift cards starting at $15, including enticing Nike options, your path to savings is illuminated.

Swagbucks: Unleash Earnings Galore

Swagbucks takes the crown as the ultimate go-to for snagging free Nike gift card codes. This renowned get-paid-to (GPT) platform boasts a plethora of earning avenues. From sharing your opinions through surveys to indulging in game time, watching videos, installing mobile apps, and completing enticing special offers – the possibilities are abundant.

What sets Swagbucks apart is its “discover” section, where you’ll uncover the most lucrative opportunities to rake in points known as Swagbucks (SB). While surveys and games are engaging, the real power lies in these special offers that can swiftly bulk up your SB balance.

The special offers span a spectrum of tasks, some requiring a purchase while others are completely cost-free. Picture earning SB by merely installing an app, signing up for an email newsletter, or exploring a free trial. The payouts vary, from a few dollars for effortless tasks to a potential windfall of $100 or more for substantial actions.

Translating SB to rewards is straightforward: 100 SB equates to $1. You’ll know the exact earnings for each task upfront, enabling you to cherry-pick the high-yield activities. With minimal effort, you can amass rewards that make a real difference.

Redeeming your SB for gift cards or cash via PayPal is a breeze, especially with the ultra-low $3 redemption threshold. No lengthy waiting periods – your rewards are within reach.

Branded Surveys: The Survey Aficionado’s Haven

While Swagbucks, MyPoints, and InboxDollars offer a diverse range of earning methods, Branded Surveys carves a unique niche by focusing solely on surveys. If paid surveys are your bread and butter, you’re in for a treat.

Renowned for its prolific survey availability and compensation, Branded Surveys is a go-to choice for survey enthusiasts looking to maximize their earnings. To extract the most from your survey endeavors, a strategic blend of platforms is key, and Branded Surveys should be your prized inclusion.

Much like the Swagbucks system, Branded Surveys adopts the simplicity of 100 points equating to $1. With a redemption threshold of 500 points ($5), you can swiftly claim rewards like Nike gift cards, Domino’s delights, Lowe’s essentials, and more.

TopCashback: Unleash Cashback Riches

TopCashback is your ticket to unlocking savings on your everyday purchases. With a robust network of 7,000 partnering retailers, they pave the way for cashback rewards. Simply start your online shopping journey via TopCashback, and watch your purchases translate into tracked cashback on your account.

The magnitude of cashback varies between retailers and departments, but the potential for substantial savings is undeniably alluring.

As your cashback accumulates, you gain the power to redeem it at your convenience. Opt for options like ACH bank transfers, PayPal cash, Visa gift cards, and more, including coveted Nike gift cards. Even better, you can snag a Nike gift card with as little as $5 in accumulated cashback.

Cash’em All: Play, Earn, Repeat

Continue the gaming journey with Cash’em All, another Android-exclusive app. Engage in a variety of games, amass virtual coins, and watch your balance grow. Your earnings depend on factors like game selection, playtime, and level achievements.

Exchange your hard-earned coins for PayPal cash, free Google Play credits, or take your pick from a buffet of gift cards.

Opinion Outpost: A Survey Gem

If surveys are your forte, Opinion Outpost deserves a prime spot in your arsenal. While it doesn’t offer an extensive array of earning methods, it shines as a survey-centric platform worth your attention.

Diversify your survey game by joining Opinion Outpost alongside other platforms. With over 2 million users, it boasts a well-established reputation. Expect a blend of surveys ranging from product tests and ad reviews to insightful focus groups.

Opinion Outpost amplifies your reward potential with a variety of gift card choices, including the coveted Nike, as well as Target, Home Depot, and more.

CashGiraffe: Play and Prosper

Prepare for some Android-only gaming action with CashGiraffe. Play diverse games and accumulate points to exchange for rewards. Versatility is key here, as exploring different games can lead to greater rewards compared to sticking to a single choice.

Rack up those points and treat yourself to a range of options, from Nike gift card codes to Xbox and Starbucks delights, and even PayPal cash.

InboxDollars: No-Nonsense Earnings

When it comes to simplicity and clarity, InboxDollars takes the cake. Unlike its counterparts Swagbucks and MyPoints, InboxDollars does away with the point system. Instead, every task is assigned a straightforward dollar and cents value, making it effortless to gauge your earnings and keep tabs on your balance.

Here, you’ll find an array of income-generating opportunities, from surveys and gaming to receipt scanning and special offers. With neatly categorized free offers, your quest for rewards is hassle-free.

Once your balance hits the $15 mark, you’re eligible to cash out. With a selection of more than 30 rewarding options, including Nike gift cards, InboxDollars caters to your desire for premium savings. It’s important to note that while some rewards start at $15, the minimum for a Nike gift card is $30.

instaGC: Instant Gratification, Endless Rewards

Step into the world of instaGC, where rewards flow from surveys, video-watching, and online shopping. This platform stands out with its staggering array of over 300 gift card options.

A $5 balance is your gateway to claiming a Nike gift card code or any other reward of your choice. One remarkable perk of instaGC? Your rewards are truly instant—once claimed, you’ll receive a code ready for immediate use.

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